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SightLine RR

Functionrecessed - standard



Net Weight1 lb per linear foot


  • SightLine RR is a flangeless recessed busbar track system, suitable for wiring with one or two 20 amp circuits.  

  • Specifically designed for intallation in carefully finished sheetrock ceilings employing either ½” thick or 5 /8” thick sheetrock.
  • Installed, SightLine RR is entirely concealed, presenting only a 3/4" opening for the insertion of track fixtures.
  • SightLine RR consists of a single aluminum extrusion, offering:
    • significantly less installation time than common two-part track systems
    • exceptional durability for heavy use and long life. SightLine track is covered by our twelve year limited warranty. 

  • Learn more about track systems' features and benefits.

Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Application Notes

  • Tracks can be cut to length in the field, and are mounted by means of heavy-duty hangers that clamp directly to ceiling supports.
  • System is 3-conductor, continuously grounded. It may be supplied by one or two individually switched, 120 volt, 20 amp branch circuits. Total capacity is 40 amps when supplied by a single phase, 120/240 volt, three-wire branch circuit.
  • Wall mounting, either vertically or horizontally, is available.

Additional Options

SightLine can be wired in two ways. Single Circuit limited to 120 volts, 20 amps, single phase. Two-Circuit limited to 20 amps each, 120/240 volts, split single phase. 



Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details

  • +DBL HANG: wall mounting extra hangers. Add +DBL HANG to product code.




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