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SightLine RR

Functionrecessed - standard



Net Weight1 lb per linear foot


  • SightLine RR is a flangeless recessed busbar track system, suitable for wiring with one or two 20 amp circuits.  

  • Specifically designed for intallation in carefully finished sheetrock ceilings employing either ½” thick or 5 /8” thick sheetrock.
  • Installed, SightLine RR is entirely concealed, presenting only a 3/4" opening for the insertion of track fixtures.
  • SightLine RR consists of a single aluminum extrusion, offering:
    • significantly less installation time than common two-part track systems
    • exceptional durability for heavy use and long life. SightLine track is covered by our twelve year limited warranty. 

  • Learn more about track systems' features and benefits.

Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Application Notes

  • Tracks can be cut to length in the field, and are mounted by means of heavy-duty hangers that clamp directly to ceiling supports.
  • System is 3-conductor, continuously grounded. It may be supplied by one or two individually switched, 120 volt, 20 amp branch circuits. Total capacity is 40 amps when supplied by a single phase, 120/240 volt, three-wire branch circuit.
  • Wall mounting, either vertically or horizontally, is available.

  • Track is comprised of 3 separate roll-formed copper busbars. The busbar’s V-shape design offers a more dependable connection than a flat design, thereby eliminating the change of arcing or overheating. Each busbar is individually insulated with highly heat resistant, hydrolytically stable thermoplastic.

Additional Options

SightLine can be wired in two ways. Single Circuit limited to 120 volts, 20 amps, single phase. Two-Circuit limited to 20 amps each, 120/240 volts, split single phase. 



Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details

  • +DBL HANG: wall mounting extra hangers. Add +DBL HANG to product code.




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