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Functionrecessed - standard downlight

standard LED

LEDPhilips Fortimo DLM Flex

Apertureround 4, 5, 6"


FootprintLED FTF/4: 14.875" x 10"; LED FTF/5: 15.875" x 10"; LED FTF/6: 16.375" x 10"

Net Weightup to L20H: 7 lbs; L30H and L40S: 7.5 lbs; L50S, L60S, and L70S: 9.5 lbs; L80S: 11 lbs


  • Downlight.

  • Powered by a Philips Fortimo DLM remote phosphor LED module.

  • Precisely designed reflector yields an optical efficiency of 90%, minimizes aperture brightness and provides a shielding angle of 40°. 

  • Zigbee controller optional, offering wireless management via audio devices, wall switches, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, building automation systems, and more, sold separately. Learn more.

  • Learn more about the luminaire's features and benefits.


Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Application Notes

  • Fixture is CSA listed for Damp Location and is RoHS compliant. Fixture is prewired with thermal protector, approved for ten #12 wire 90° branch circuit pull-through wiring.

  • Include an integral plastic shield, making the fixture suitable for food service areas and other applications requiring protection from lamp failure.  

  • Does not require thermal protector and meets UL991 and CSA22.2 safety program, if specified with a “DMV-AD” driver. 

  • Fixture material safety data sheet and other documentation can be provided for possible compliance with voluntary Environmental Initiatives, such as LEED and The Living Building Challenge. 


FTF-4DL-L40-30K.ies; LED FTF DL/4: 4000L, 80 CRI downlight
FTF-5DL-L50-30K.ies; LED FTF DL/5: 5000L, 80 CRI downlight
FTF-6DL-L80-30K.ies; LED FTF DL/6: 8000L, 80 CRI downlight

Additional Options


  • Emergency battery pack.

  • Wireless audio control devices, wall switches, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, building automation systems, and more, sold separately. Learn more.

  • Specialty bars for wood joist and T-bar installations available.



  • Plaster ring allows use of Trim Flush (-TF) reflector in sheetrock ceiling.

  • Reflectors detailed for metal or wood ceilings available on special order.
  • See external reflector color swatches; consult spec sheet for availability. 

  • Painted white (WF) overlap flange, or custom color (CCF) overlap flange on special order.

  • LightPlates block views into the aperture and adjust aiming angles. 

  • LightCharm decorative trims add visual interest, and may be ordered instead of a standard reflector.



Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details.

  • +DOD: luminaire suitable for high humidity environments; add +DOD to Product Code.
  •  +MAR: reflector suitable for marine environments; add +MAR to Product Code 
  • CONC-: May be suitable for poured-in-place concrete. Contact us for availability. 
  • +2”CLG: May be suitable for installation in 2” thick ceiling material. Contact us for availability.
  •  +EM: May be hard wired for emergency lighting. Contact us for availability.
  • +TR: Top accessibility for on-site servicing may be available. Contact us.






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