Light Control Reflectors

Our signature reflectors have been meticulously perfected over decades for visual comfort, precision, durability, and flexibility.



  • Setting the industry standard for aperture brightness control, our downlight reflectors achieve up to a 45° shielding angle. The use of anodized aluminum eliminates the need for reflective paint, further reducing aperture glare. As a result, the apertures appear dark at standard viewing angles, creating a clean, quiet ceiling.
  • Our visually comfortablee reflectors may help buildings earn certification by the International WELL Building Standard™.
    • Based on case study calculations, many Edison Price Lighting luminaires, in select or all configurations, meet WELL's™ requirements for glare minimization and luminaire shielding. 
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OPTICAL PRECISION   Our parabolic reflector’s curvature efficiently delivers the diverse effects, including widespread downlighting, focused accent lighting, uniform wallwashing, corner wallwashing for inside corners, or double wallwashing for corridors.

DURABILITY   Our reflectors are spun from heavy gauge aluminum, which has been anodized for corrosion resistance. Their durability is time-tested, with some in use for over forty-years. 

FLEXIBILITY   Our ‘twist and lock’ reflectors are interchangeable and easy to install without tools. Flexibly adapting functions or beamspreads is often as simple as swapping the reflector.




The above finishes are available either as a standard option or on special order.  Consult the spec sheet for standard options. For finishes not listed on the spec sheet, contact us for availability. 

Please note: above finishes are representations, and not exact matches. 


To construct our white reflectors, we first degrease our standard anodized aluminum reflectors (see left photograph). We then spraypaint the reflectors by hand in our New York City factory (see right photograph). Visit our factory anytime!



Affordable LightCharm decorative trims instantly transform ceilings into captivating works of art. 

LightCharm Silver Point

Seamless specular plate to coordinate with scones and signage.

LightCharm Opal
Frosted glass plate for a warm color and greater efficacy.

LightCharm Crystal
Crystal glass tube over aperture for maximum sparkle.

LightCharms may be used on select 4" round aperture fixtures. Check compatability on the "Additional Options" section of the product page. 


See Samples

To see physical samples of these finishes, please contact your local Edison Price Lighting representative.