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Dimmable on 277v Track

A 277 volt-only design simplifies the project from beginning to end. One voltage means less wiring and less worry from design to installation. Keep the project stress-free with our 277-volt track and dimmable luminaires.



First, consider our surface mounted, pendant mounted, and recessed HighLine track systems. With HighLine, your design will enjoy:

  • upscale look. Longer spans, minimal joints, and elegant pendants keep HighLine smooth and seamless.

  • long-term savings. HighLine lasts for decades because it is fabricated from heavy-gauge Pennsylvanian aluminium extrusions in our Made in USA factory

  • instant savings.  Avoid the cost of stepping down from 277v to 120v.

  • compatibility with hundreds of our integral LED track fixtures, which can all be specified for 277 volts, or our wirelessly dimmable fixtures.



Once you have selected your HighLine track, choose one of two types of dimmable 277v luminaires:

  • For tech-savvy installations, see our wirelessly dimmable Bluetooth luminaires. Use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to wireless dim to 0.1%; collect and report operational data; send push notifications, and more.

  • For high-ceiling installations with less frequent dimming needs, see our individually dimmable IDM luminaires. Use the integral dimming module concealed at the top of the track head to individually dim the luminaire.

Bring smooth, secure dimmable illumination to your 277v projects with HighLine track and our Bluetooth or IDM luminaires.