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Affordable Downlight/Wallwasher

Our 4", 5", and 6" aperture Darklite A19E downlight/wallwashers are our most affordable fixtures. Even when factoring the cost of the retrofit LED lamp, Darklite A19E are priced extremely competitively. With their glareless downlighting, smooth wallwashing, and Made in USA durability,  Darklite A19Es are value-engineering proof, keeping your design in tact. Find out what is included in the low price:

Darklite A19Es are quick to order and ship.

Darklite A19Es offer flexibility.

  • Darklite A19Es offer flexibility in LED specschoose the Cree or Green Creative retrofit A19 LED lamps anytime. Upgrading the LED is as easily as screwing in a replacement A19 LED lamp. 
  • Darklite A19Es offer flexibility in function, even in the field. Darklite A19Es housings accept one of four reflectors: downlight, wallwasher, corner wallwashers, and double wallwashers for hallways. 

Darklite A19Es fade away...

  • Darklite A19E's name refers to its glareless 'dark' aperture, achievable only with our expert reflectors. We design precise reflectors to achieve 40º shielding angles, and ceiling-to-floor wallwashing. Our reflectors are available in a variety of finishes, and are always fabricated from long lasting anodized aluminum. 
  • Darklite A19Es may be installed with a Trim Flush plaster ring in sheetrock ceilings. Trim Flush ensure a seamless, flush joint between the ceiling and reflector, so that the Darklite A19E blends into the ceiling. 

Darklite A19Es simplify renovations.

  • Existing ceilings of any kind may be illuminated by our install-from-below 4", 5", and 6" aperture Presto A19E downlight/wallwasher.
  • Existing sheetrock existing ceilings are solved by Prestina A19/E downlight/wallwasher with an integral trim flush plaster ring.

Darklite A19Es are Made in USA.

  • Edison Price Lighting proudly operates a rare urban metal-working factory. We source raw steel, aluminum, copper, and more, and use a combination of computerized machinery and handicraft techniques. Cutting, bending, spinning, wiring, painting, and more all happen onsite.