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Online 1 AIA HSW course

Advanced luminaires are measured far beyond lumens and CRI, and deliver far more than light alone. TM-30, tunable colors, WELL, UGR, circadian rhythms, EML, beacons, and LightID notifications will play an increasingly crucial role in your designs.

The first step is understanding how to calculate these new metrics and program these new features. But far more important is when and where to apply them. 

Learn a sweeping overview of these timely trends with Edison Price Lighting's free continuing education course, Designing with Advanced Luminaires. This course awards 1 AIA HSW credit, and covers:

  • COLOR: evolution from CRI to TM-30; Fidelity Index; Color Gamut Index;, Gamut Area Index; Color vector graphics; the use of tunable white, dim to warm, and saturated colors.
  • WELL BUILDING STANDARD®: WELL overview; visual lighting design requirements; shielding angle; UGR; glare minimization; color quality; circadian rhythm; EML.
  • COMMUNICATION: Bluetooth-based beacons; light wave-based messages; useful applications; demonstration.

Attend a free live online presentation of Designing with Advanced Luminaires.

  • Monday October 14th
  • 2:00 - 3:00 pm EST