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APlus Downlight / Wallwasher

The innovative APlus brings glare-free omnidirectional illumination to your most challenging spaces, including hallways and corners. 

APlus is available as two families of fixtures:

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APlus' functions can be tailored on-site with four interchangeable reflectors:

Downlight reflector, providing a 42° shielding angle and low brightness, glare-free aperture. 

Wallwashing reflector with a 120° ceiling-to-floor distribution on vertical surfaces.

Double wallwashing reflector for hallways, with two 120° ceiling-to-floor distributions. 

Corner wallwashing reflector for wallwashing around inside corners. Fully illuminates those challenging hard-to-reach corners. 

APlus' reflectors are glare-free, thanks to their proprietary hyperbolic shape and construction from long-lasting anodized aluminum. 

Installation is easy because reflectors are interchangeable. Housings can be installed throughout a space regardless of fixture's function, and the appropriate reflector installed thereafter.

Like all Edison Price Lighting fixtures, APlus is proudly MADE IN USA. Our factory begins with high-quality, heavy-gauge steel and aluminum, and we manufacture almost every part, down to the smallest spring. American manufacturing helps guarantee that APlus is built to last. Contact us to visit our factory anytime!


APlus A19E

APlus A19E has been checked for fit and initial operation with industry-leading retrofit A19 LED lamps by:

  • Cree retrofit A19 LED lamps
    • up to 1100 lumens,
    • up to 90 CRI,
    • as few as 5.5 watts,
    • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and/or
    • efficacies up to 92 lm/w.
  • Green Creative retrofit A19 LED lamps
    • up to 1200 lumens,
    • up to 92 CRI,
    • as few as 6 watts,
    • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and/or 
    • efficacies up to 109 lm/w.
  • Additional retrofit LED A19 lamps may be available. Contact us with inquiries.
  •  Most recommended retrofit A19 LED lamps are Energy Star certified. Consult lamp manufacturer's specification sheets.
  • Specify the APlus A19E early in the process, without knowing the lamp specs in advance. You can confirm the retrofit LED lamps after installation.
  • As technology improves, upgrading APlus A19E is easy. Simply screw in a replacement A19 LED lamp.​




APLUS whitelight

APlus WhiteLight is powered by a diffuse dome Cree LED module.

  • LED module's hemispherical design is inspired by the A-lamp and delivers a wide distribution. 
  • 4000 lumens maximum from the source.
  • 90+ CRI.