What's New

APlus Downlight / Wallwasher

The new 4" aperture APlus joins the APlus family. Award-winning features like double wallwashing and dim-to-warm dimming are now available in a smaller, more convenient aperture size.

The APlus combination downlight/wallwasher is a truly innovative luminaire, earning a listing on the IES Progress Report. Here's how the APlus deserves its distinguished name:


  • APlus is powered by a diffuse dome LED module. This hemispherical design is inspired by the A-lamp (hence, the "A"Plus name) and delivers a wide distribution, maximized by reflectors listed below. 
  • 4000 lumens maximum from the source.
  • 90+ CRI.
  • dim-to-warm optional, see below.


APlus's functions can be tailored with four interchangeable reflectors:

  • Downlight reflector, providing a 40° shielding angle and low brightness, glare-free aperture. Spacing criteria for the 6" aperture model is 0.96; 5" aperture is 0.9; and 4" aperture is 0.82.
  • Wallwashing reflector with a 120° ceiling-to-floor distribution on vertical surfaces.
  • Double wallwashing reflector for hallways, with two 120° ceiling-to-floor distributions. 
  • Corner wallwashing reflector for wallwashing around inside corners. Fully illuminates those challenging hard to reach corners. Available on 5" and 6" aperture models. 

Installation is easy because reflectors are interchangeable. Housings can be installed throughout a space regardless of fixture's function, and the appropriate reflector installed on-site thereafter.


APlus is available with two dimming profiles:

  • WhiteLight models, available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K, with dimming at constant color temperatures.
  • Sunset models, with dim-to-warm dimming, from 2700K to 1800K. This incandescent-like dimming profile is especially desirable in residences, hotels, and other hospitality spaces.


  • APlus WhiteLight/4, 4" aperture, constant color temperature dimming, up to 2000 lm from the source.
  • APlus Sunset/4, 4" aperture, dim-to-warm dimming, up to 2000 lm from the source.
  • APlus WhiteLight/5, 5" aperture, constant color temperature dimming, up to 3000 lm from the source. 
  • APlus Sunset/5, 5" aperture, dim-to-warm dimming, up to 3000 lm from the source.  
  • APlus WhiteLight/6, 6" aperture, constant color temperature dimming, up to 4000 lm from the source. 
  • APlus Sunset/6, 6" aperture, dim-to-warm dimming , up to 4000 lm from the source.

Alternative moutning options