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Art of Lighting CEU Course

Master the Art of Lighting through the lighting of art. Edison Price Lighting's continuing education course illustrates lighting techniques through real museum and gallery installations, and awards 1 AIA HSW credit.

Whether illuminating a museum, office, hotel, or more, your lighting design can become a work of art. The same techniques apply regardless of industry:  you can illuminate a sign like a painting, a podium like a sculpture, a wall like a mural.

The Art of Lighting course focuses on how art lighting techniques impact visitor experience. Learn how to:

  • select appropriate lighting tools for the project requirements,
  • layer lighting by balancing ambient lighting, accent lighting, and wallwashing,
  • identify common lighting ‘dos & don’ts’
  • harmonize lighting and architecture, through the combination, reinforcement, and balancing strategies.
  • integrate daylighting, through light wells, skylights, louvers, and uplighting.


Learn the 'Art of Lighting'

The Art of Lighting is offered in-person or on-line. Contact us to schedule a presentation.