What's New

Artima/2, small and flexible

Designs—and re-designs after re-designs—are easier than ever with Artima/2, Edison Price Lighting's newest track or outlet box-mounted luminaire.


Design with a low profile

  • Quiet the ceiling with Artima/2's small 2.875" diameter.
  • Yet still reach 2000 lm (80 CRI) and 1500 lm (98 CRI) from the source.


Design within one family

  • Artima/2 O for 10º, 20º, or 36º narrow spot/accent lighting.
  • Artima/2 W for scallop-free wallwashing.
  • Maintain the same look for higher ceilings, with Artima/3's 3900 lm LED, or Artima/5's 7200 lm LED.


Design wirelessly

  • Use your phone, tablet, or computer to control Artima/2 Bluetooth.
  • Control luminaires individually, or group them together with limitless Bluetooth luminaires. Save the group's scenes for future use.
  • 0.1% wireless dimming.
  • Connect with wireless sensors, switches, and touchscreen wall panels. 
  • Preset or pre-schedule saveable scenes, based on time of day or sensor signals.
  • Monitor operational data, including  temperature, hours on, wattage, and more. Download reports for code compliance and energy rebates. 
  • Send push notifications via embedded beacon, especially helpful for spaces with their own dedicated app. 
  • Contact us for a live online demonstration.


Re-design indefinitely

Change Artima/2 O's focus and function anytime...

  • Specify Artima/2 O with an initial internal reflector (10º, 20º, or 36º), and cartridge (ring baffle for 10º reflector; cross-baffle for 20º or 36º; or lens holder for all beamspreads).
  • Add additional reflectors, cartridges, and lenses as accessories.
  • Swap reflectors, cartridges, and lenses on-site.  Watch this video to see how easy it is!

Like all Edison Price Lighting luminaires, Artima/2 proudly offers...

  • glare-free optics, delivered by our internal reflector and baffle designs.
  • Made in USA durability. Because our American factory starts with the highest-quality aluminum, steel, and other raw metals, our luminaires have been proven to last for decades.
  • modification possibilities, including custom colors and extended stem lengths. Contact us.


Complete the design

  • Artima/3, 3900 lumens from the source (middle below)

  • Artima/5, 7200 lumens from the source (right below)