What's New

High efficacy, high output Artima/3

The Artima/3 family is a full suite of functions at full output. Artima/3 features a 3.62" diameter, yet packs enough power to illuminate from ceilings approximately 20' high. Once installed, Artima/3's high efficacy, flexibility, and wireless controls simplifies operation. 

Artima/3 is powered by a choice of LED modules:

  • Citizen (CZS) LED, for high efficacy, low wattages, and low prices.
  • Cree (CLT), for very narrow spotlight only.
  • Xicato (XTM) LED, for color consistency within a 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse.


full suite of functions

  • Artima/3 O accent light, track and outlet box-mounted
    • Artima/3 CZS O, powered by Citizen LED, up to 4000 lm from source, interchangeable 15°, 31°, 40° or 56° beamspreads.
    • Artima/3 XTM O, powered by Xicato LED, up to 3900 lm from source, interchangeable 20°, 40° or 60° beamspreads.
    • Quick Change Cartridge choices: Cross baffle (OX) or Open aperture (OH).
  • Artima/3 VNSP very narrow spotlight​, track and outlet box-mounted
    • Artima/3 VNSP, powered by Cree LED, interchangeable 7° or 14° beamspreads.
    • up to 31,906 CBCP.
  • Artima/3 NSP narrow spotlight, track and outlet box-mounted
    • Artima/3 XTM NSP, powered by Xicato LED, interchangeable 10° and 24° beamspreads.
    • up to 24,660 CBCP.
    • Quick Change Cartridge choices: Ring baffle (OG) or Open aperture (OH).
  • Artima/3 W wallwashertrack and outlet box-mounted.
    • Artima/3 CZS W, powered by Citizen LED, up to 4000 lm from source
    • Artima/3 XTM W, powered by Xicato LED, up to 3900 lm from source.


high efficacy



Artima/3 features our Quick Change Cartridge (QCC).

  • Insert lenses, screens, and filters into the QCC's internal holder using one only hand. The QCC accepts lenses internally, so that no external lens clips are visible. 
  • Re-insert and orient the QCC with one hand, while standing atop a ladder.
  • Change performance between cross-baffle and open aperture after installation.  Order additional cartridges as accessories.
  • Contact us for a live online demonstration of the QCC. 


Dimming options

Artima/3 luminaires are available with a variety of dimming options:

Wired dimming options

  • standard Artima/3 CZS and XTM are dimmable to 1% with a Lutron dimmer; or dimmable 5% or 10% with either incandescent or ELV dimmer.

Individualy dimming

Wireless individual dimming

  • Artima/3 Bluetooth is dimmable to 0.1%, both individually or as a group in saveable scenes
  • Plus a variety of features:
    • sync with switches, sensors, and other compatible devices. 
    • monitor usage, including operating hours and temperature, both historically and in real time.
    • luxcast information: send push notifications to nearby devices with your app, via the luminaire's embedded beacons.


Made in USA

Like all Edison Prie Lighting fixtures, Artima/3 is fabricated from aluminum and steel in our New York City factory.

  • We begin with raw sheets of metal, like heavy-guage aluminum and steel.
  • We use advanced CNC  machinery, like laser cutters and punch presses.
  • We use handicraft techniques, like spinning lathes and hand spraypainting.
  • Visit our factory anytime to see the process. 


Complete the design

Design within the entire Artima family for the most comprehensive appearance and performance.

  • Artima/2, 2000 lm from the source (below left)
  • Artima/5, 7200 lm from the source, and up to 149,800 CBCP (below right)