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Wireless Artima/5

Wirelessly control the lighting, from stories below. Track and outlet box-mounted Artima/5 CZS Bluetooth are powerful enough to illuminate multi-story spaces. Yet they may be wirelessly dimmed, monitored, send push notifications, and more—no ladder required. 



  • Citizen chip-on-board LED provides up to 3900 lumens at 97 CRI; or up to 5100 lumens at 80 CRI.
  • Efficacies up to 80 lm/w.
  • Powerful enough to illuminate from up to 22 feet high.



  • Xicato Bluetooth Low Energy Intelligent Driver integrates the luminaire into the Xicato GalaXi ecosystem.
  • Wirelessly controllable by smart device with Xicato iOS app, or from your Windows or Mac computer with a Xicato Control Panel software. 
    • Transmission range of up to 100 ft for most installations.
  • Group luminaires into saveable 'scenes,' and pre-schedule them throughout the day.
  • Connects to sensors, switches, touch screens, and more. Connect and control devices through the GalaXi interface. Compatible devices from EnOcean, Pharos, Extron, and more. Learn more.
  • Integrates into DALI, Medalion, BACnet. via the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG). Extend the network through Bluetooth Mesh or a wired or wireless IP network. Contact Technical Sales.

  • Monitors and reports operational data, including intensity setting, temperature, input power, input voltage, and total operating hours. Downloadable histograms can be used for analysis or energy claims.
  • Dimming to 0.1%. Use the app to connect luminaires with sensors, to individually dim luminaires, and to group them into saveable scenes.
    • A wireless dimming system saves the costs of purchasing, installing, and programming a wired dimming system. Learn more about the benefits of wireless dimming. 
  • Luxcasting™. What is luxcasting? The transmission of information through lighting. Integral to the Artima/5 Bluetooth's XID driver is a beaconProgram the beacon to luxcast to nearby devices.
    • Wirelessly program individual luminaire's beacons, including radius and notification message.
    • Create a tailored user experience by programming each luminaire to send detailed, geo-specific information. Learn more.



  • Understated appearance. Comparably performing luminaires are born out of theatrical lighting, and look bulky. By contrast, Artima/5 CZS Bluetooth is a true specification-grade architectural luminaire.
    • Seamless design improves the appearance—no seams to distract the eyeand durability—no joints to bend or warpSeamless aluminum housing is handspun in our Made in USA factory. (Watch a video of the process.) Seamless driver box is milled from a solid block of aluminum.
  • Comfortable apertures. A cross-baffle blocks sightlines into the accent light, a ring baffle controls the 9º narrow beam, a double ring baffle controls the 5º very narrow beam. For enhanced efficacies, all luminaires are available with open apertures (O LH models).
  • Edison Price Lighting's signature smooth uniform optics, perfected since 1952.


Long Lasting

  • Built to last, fabricated from heavy-gauge steel and aluminum by our Made in USA factory.
  • On-site flexibility, for when lighting needs change.
    • Lockable focus with 385º horizontal rotation and 0º-90º vertical orientation.
    • Changeable beamspreads with 'twist and lock' internal reflectors.
    • Optical accessoriesincluding spread lenses, color filters,  and beam smoothers.



Illuminate an entire space with the Artima/5 CZS Bluetooth family. Choosing a single luminaire line guarantees uniform appearance and performance.


  • Artima/5 CZS O Bluetooth  -  track mounted and outlet box-mounted
  • Aperture choices:
    • cross baffle (OX) for glare control.
    • open aperture (OH) without cross baffle for enhanced efficacy, up to 80 lm/w. 


  • Artima/5 CZS NSP Bluetooth  -  track mounted and outlet box-mounted
  • 9º narrow spot
  • Aperture choices:
    • Ring baffle, which eliminates light spill, available with lens clips (OG) or without lens clips (OP).
    • Open aperture (LH), for a feathered spot and enhanced efficacy.




For lower ceiling heights, consider Artima luminaires with smaller profiles: