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IES Progress Report: 5º Spot

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has announced its esteemed 2018 Progress Report, which recognizes the year's greatest achievements of "uniqueness, innovation and significance to the lighting industry." Edison Price Lighting is honored to announce: Artima/5 VNSP has been selected for the Progress Report.

Spotlight in double-height spaces with a sharp yet subtle 5º beam. Track and surface-mounted Artima/5 VNSPs (Very Narrow Spots) help you hit the (very narrow) mark.

Select between two models -- 5˚ tight spot and 5˚ tightest spot -- both available up to 98 CRI.

  • Artima/5 VNSP, fitted with our ring baffle
    • Provides up to 114,900 CBCP.
    • For ceilings of 18 feet or higher, this “5º tightest” model trims all light beyond 5º.
    • Delivers our sharpest possible spot.
  • Artima/5 VNSP LH, with an open aperture
    • Provides up to 149,800 CBCP with an efficacy of 78 L/W.
    • For ceilings of 25 feet or higher, this “5º tight” model softens the beam beyond 5º.
    • Delivers a useful feathered spot.
  • Artima/5 VNSP Bluetooth, with beacon
    • ​Provides the same CBCP and benefits as the standard Artima/5 VNSP 
    • Also equipped with an intelligent driver, providing wireless:
      • on/off,
      • 0.1% dimming,
      • data collection and storage
      • connection to switches and sensors
      • beacon technology, sending push notifications to nearby devices.
  • ​IDM Artima/5 VNSP, individually dimmable
    • Features integral rotary dimmer 
    • Permits dimming on 277 volt service

Spotlight subtly by illuminating with the entire Artima/5 family. Most narrow spots look too theatrical, and stand out from other luminaires. Artima/5 VNSPs appear identical with other Artima/5s:

Like all our luminaires, Artima/5s are...

  • Made in USA. We fabricate all products from aluminum, steel, and other raw materials in our American factory ensuring long-lasting durability. ​Watch us spin an Artima housing by hand.

  • Competitively priced, especially considering our products' long lifetimes, perfected by Edison Price Lighting over the past sixty-five years. 

Entrust your most dramatic lighting effects — from that sculpture on a pedestal, to that logo on the wall — to the Artima/5 VNSPs. Whether 5º tight or 5º tighter, their narrow spot commands attention exactly as you intended.


Artima/5 VNSP has been accepted for inclusion in the esteemed 2018 IES Progress Report. The  annual report recognizes new luminaires of uniqueness, innovation and significance to the lighting industry