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Atrium: High Output, High CRI

Our comprehensive Atrium family to brings powerful, high CRI, adjustable illumination to atria, lobbies, and other high ceiling spaces.


High CRI at High Power

Atrium delivers up to 97 CRI at incredibly high lumen packages. The combination ensures that premier 'front of house' spaces receive the quality lighting they deserve.

  • Up to 6000 lm from the source at 97 CRI
  • Up to 8000 lm from the source at 80+ CRI

High CRI and output do not come at a high energy cost.

  • Up to 108 lumens per watt
  • As low as 21 watts, and up to 66 watts

Atrium is available in useful color temperatures. Cooler 4000K and 5000K temperatures are especially desirable alongside daylighting, which is often the case in atria, lobbies, and other high-ceiling spaces. 

  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K at 80 CRI
  • 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K at 97 CRI


full family

Atrium DL/7 downlight

  • Available as three models:
    • 15°, 21°, 38° beamspread Atrium DL/7 HI downlight, up to 8000 source lumens
    • 15°, 21°, 38° beamspread Atrium DL/7 downlight, up to 7000 source lumens
    • 9° beamspread Atrium DL/7 NSP narrow spot downlight
  • Delivers a 40° shielding angles, and appear 'dark' when seen from normal viewing angles.
  • Edison Price Lighting's signature reflector are contoured to eliminate the glare, and its construction from anodized aluminum protects reflectivity;
  • Highly efficient plastic diffuser softens the beam.

Atrium AA/7 accent light

  • Available as two models:
    • 15°, 21°, or 38° beamspread Atrium AA/7 HI accent light, up to 8000 source lumens
    • 15°, 21°, or 38° beamspread Atrium AA/7 accent light, up to 7000 source lumens
  • Further control the beam with a optical accessories, including spread lenses and diffusers. Optical accessory holder is available as an option.

Atrium AA/7 NSP narrow spotlight

  • Available as two models:
  • Up to 95,120 CBCP from a tight, focused beam, without light spill.
  • Further control the beam with a optical accessories, including spread lenses and diffusers. Optical accessory holder is available as an option.

Atrium WL/7 wallwasher 

  • Available as two models:
    • Atrium WL/7 HI, up to 8000 source lumens
    • Atrium WL/7, up to 7000 source lumens
  • Specification sheet coming soon. Contact us for immediate specifications. 


On-site flexibility

  • Change beamspreads on-site. Simply twist and remove the internal reflector, and twist and lock in the replacement, available as an accessory.
  • Aim and lock the accent light and narrow spot's beam, with 0°- 40° vertical angular adjustment.
  • Rotate and lock the accent light's, narrow spot's, and wallwasher's beam, with 363° horizontal rotation. This permits corrections if the wallwasher is mis-installed.
  • Tailor the light with optical accessories, available as an option.
    • Spread lenses: 30°, 55°, 70° and 40° x 70° spread lens. (Note that the 40° x 70° lens is complimentary with the wallwasher).
    • Diffusers: Beam Smoothers, Solite prismatic lens, and Diffuse lens.
    • Color filters: Daylight blue, Surprise Pink and saturated colors.


Long Lasting

Like all Edison Price Lighting luminaires, Atrium is constructed in our MADE IN USA factory. Quality metals and attention-to-detail ensures reliable durability.

  • We begin with 14-gauge electro-zinc plated steel and 20-gauge electro-zinc, polyester-coated steel. See our factory materials.
  • We cut, bend, and build all parts using our computerized laser cutter and punch press, and our hand-built progressive dies.
  • We hand wire the LED and driver, and hand spraypaint the trim flange upon request.

Upgrade the LED or driver after installation by accessing them through the aperture. Easy serviceability avoids maintenance and replacement costs.

WELL Certification information coming. Contact us if needed immediately.


Similar luminaire

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