What's New

Grid-ceiling compatible

Combine the clean, quiet look of grid ceiling systems (such as Armstrong's popular TechZone™) with the optical precision and visual comfort of Edison Price Lighting.

  • up to 2500 lumens.

  • efficacies up to 72 lumens per watt.

  • powered by Xicato LED modules with unmatched color consistency (within 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse), and up to 98 CRI.

  • choice of up to 6 dimming drivers, including the DALI-compatible eldoLED driver (dimmable to 0.1%)

  • anodized reflectors providing long-lasting reflectivity and color, and low-brightness visual comfort. 

  • downlights provide low-brightness apertures with up to 45° shielding angles.

  • wallwasher provides truly uniform ceiling-to-floor wallwashing.



  • ATZ DL/4: The only specification-grade non-linear downlight designed for use with the TechZone 4" ceiling system.

  • ATZ DL/6: Built for the TechZone 6" ceiling system, this  5 15/16” deep downlight provides the comfort of 45° shielding.

  • ATZ WL/6: Built for the TechZone 6" ceiling system, this wallwasher provides uniform ceiling-to-floor vertical illumination.


ATZ downlights, installed in the Edison Price Lighting Gallery.