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Shallow + Shielding: Baflux LED/7

4⅛" shallow, without the glare


Our new Baflux LED/7 performs a design trick: widespread downlight distribution, without the usual glare or deep housing, by means of an ingenious cross-baffle. 

The Baflux baffle provides a 35° shielding angle, prevents sightlines into the fixture, and deflects stray light at harmless angles. The result is a thin, visually comfortable LED.

The Baflux LED/7 is powered by Citizen's chip-on-board LEDs, delivers up to 1800 lumens from source, up to 90 CRI,  and dimming to 1%.

Featured in Architectural Lighting's "Shallow Depths" list, the Baflux LED/7 helps you overcome restricted plenums with unrestricted performance.


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