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Balancing Lighting Needs

How deep is the ceiling plenum? How high are the ceilings? Are upgrades expected? Will illumination needs change? Are the ceilings accessible? What is being illuminated? How important is comfort? ... and on and on...

Lighting design can be a daunting process because it balances conflicting needs. Luminaires themselves balance needs, as some benefits come at the expense of others. Lumen output, glare-free apertures, small housings, and more are in a constant tug of war.  

Edison Price Lighting's continuing education course, Balancing Lighting Needs, offers the way forward. The course outlines a step-by-step process to first identify, then prioritize needs related to...

  1. the installation, including ceiling properties, special regulations, and the focus of illumination

  2. the aesthetics, including aperture and housing appearance, seamless installation, and optics.

  3. the maintenance, including the ease and frequency of LED, beamspread, of function upgrades, as well as fine-tuning.

  4. the end user, including their budget, deadline, and interaction with the fixture after installation.

Balancing Lighting Needs awards 1 AIA LU credit.



'Balancing Lighting Needs' can be presented at your convenience in one of 3 ways: at your office by an Edison Price Lighting sales manager or your local representative, or at our Light in Action seminar. If neither are available, the course may be presented online. Contact us for details.