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Barn doors

Edison Price Lighting's Barn Door assembly manipulates the light beam on-site, both elegantly and securely.


  • Beam modifier. Open and close the Barn Door's leaf as desired to shape the light. Close two of the Barn Door's leaves to create a narrow linear beam of light. Close all four of the leaves to create a focused square beam of light. 
  • Glare control. A Barn Door assembly completely blocks the light when the leaf is closed, offering greater glare control than a cross-baffle. A Barn Door is especially helpful for a luminaire positioned at a challenging angle along normal sightlines, where glare is especially a concern.


Edison Price Lighting's Barn Door is an elegant, architectural take of an often-theatrical design.

  • Barn Door leaves are mounted adjacent to the aperture, without any gap between the two. This proximity eliminates light spill and visual distraction.
  • Barn Doors are available in White, Black, and Industrial Silver. Custom color paint is available upon request. 


  • Barn Door's leaves and hinges are constructed from heavy-gauge aluminum for for maximum stability. As a result, the leaves remain stationary, as postioned.
  • Barn Door is fabricated from raw metal in Edison Price Lighting's American factory. Our Made in USA manufacturing ensures the highest quality.