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Bluetooth Connectivity

Our advanced and accessible Bluetooth luminaires simplify the 'Internet of Things'. Through Xicato's wireless LEDdriver, or optional gatewayBluetooths connect with compatible wireless switches, sensors, devices, and control systems.


  • Directly connects with compatible switches, sensors, and smart devices. See below.
  • Unlimited number of devices in a network. 
  • Up to 100 ft range for most practical installations.
  • Bluetooth mesh network will extend the range.
  • Remote access through Xicato Intelligent Gateway.
    • Control and monitor lighting, from around the world!
    • Rides a wireless or wired IP network.
    • Connects to third party lighting controls (e.g. DALI)
    • Connects to building management systems (e.g. Medialon or BACnet).
    • Contact Technical Sales to include the Gateway in a specification.



  • Wirelessly dim to 0.1%.
    • An integral rotary dimmer (IDM) may also be added to the fixture, either standard or as a modification. Light levels may simultaneously be dimmed by either the app or the integral dimmer. The last setting overrides the previous setting. IDM may be listed standard on the specification sheet, or is available as a modification. Contact us for details.
  • Program individual or groups of luminaires to 1) time of day, 2) response to sensors, switches, or manual controls, or 3) preset saveable scenes.
  • Monitor temperature, hours on, wattage, and more. Download reports for code compliance and energy rebates. 
  • Contact us for a live demonstration.



  • Embedded beacon can be programmed to luxcast content to nearby devices.
  • The radius of the beacon's signal may be assigned and reassigned remotely.
  • Beacon communicates content to smart devices via downloaded app.



Wireless products compatible with Bluetooth luminaires. See complete list here.




DALI, Medalion, BACnet.


Our Bluetooth luminaires are ready to help you create the most responsive, robust lighting program possible.