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RSVP for Breakfast before LEDucation

You’re invited to Edison Price Lighting’s complimentary breakfast buffet.  Savor your morning before a busy day during LEDucation®, the country's largest LED-only trade show and educational forum, hosted by the Designers Lighting Forum of NY (DLFNY).

  • Wednesday, March 13th
  • 7:30 to 10:00 AM — Come for as long as you'd like. 
    • Stay for a leisurely meal, away from the pressured trade show floor.
    • Or, 'grab and go' if you're in a rush.
  • Full breakfast buffet 
    • French toast; bacon; sausage; eggs; home fries; NY-style bagels; yogurt parfaits; muffins; croissants; danishes; fresh fruit and berries; fresh orange and grapefruit juice; and lots and lots of coffee.
  • Behind-the-scenes prototypes and design
    • ​Investigate our drawings and prototypes of upcoming products, and chat with the engineers who create solutions to your lighting needs.
  • New products 
  • Warwick Hotel

    • Catty corner from LEDucation®
    • 65 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019
    • Surrey Room, second floor



Fill out the form below. Contact us with any questions or RSVP changes.



Visit our factory

  • Schedule a visit to see our New York City factory, less than 3 miles from LEDucation®.
  • Come any day until 3:30pm.  
  • See our metal-working factory hard at work...
    • laser cutting metal sized up to 10' x 5'.
    • punch press cutting metal with 22 tons of pressure.
    • milling machines carving driver boxes from solid aluminum blocks.
    • hand spray painting, wiring, forming, and more.
    • tool and die design and building.