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See a concise overview of Edison Price Lighting's latest and most popular luminaires:

Inside the brochure, you will find a collection that is...

  • comprehensive, with hundreds of  models that span mounting types, functions, and LED modules.

  • advanced, with models controllable by Bluetooth or Zigbee, which offer connection to sensors,  switches, and building management systems.

  • glare-free, from our anodized aluminum reflectors.

  • elegant, seamlessly designed and built to blend into the architecture. 

  • tunable, through wireless color tuning, filters, screens, lenses, individual dimmers, finishes, paint colors, and more.

  • 'Made in USA, using high-quality metals and materials. See behind-the-scenes of our metal-working factory. 

Illuminate your entire project with Edison Price Lighting. By designing with a single manufacturer, you ensure consistent aesthetics, reliable performance, and easier specifications and shipments.

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