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Meet our new Chief Technology Officer

Edison Price Lighting is excited to welcome aboard Reza Raquib as our new Chief Technology Officer. Reza brings decades of experience delivering IoT-ready technology that is both advanced and easy-to-use. His leadership will help Edison Price Lighting continue to develop connected, technology-driven lighting.

Reza is an seasoned software executive, with experience in product development and enhancement in a variety of industries, including healthcare and security technologies. Reza interweaves software and hardware together to create a user-friendly seamless experience.

Reza will lead Edison Price Lighting's connected lighting software technologies. To start, Reza will develop software supporting our Bluetooth luminaires. These luminaires may already be controlled and monitored wirelessly. But more opportunities await. Under Reza's leadership, Edison Price Lighting will develop apps offering more detailed control of the Bluetooth luminaires. Soon you will be able to download the Edison Price Lighting app, and deliver content to nearby smart devices through your Bluetooth luminaire

"We are extremely excited about the future--which isn't months away, but days," explains Edison Price Lighting president, Emma Price. "We're hitting the ground running," she adds. In the short term, Reza is fast-tracking the app's development to release as soon as possible.

In the long-term, Edison Price Lighting is thinking bigger. When visitors approach artwork, they can simply use the Edison Price Lighting app to view details. No more peering at small signs, no more potentially germ-heavy audioguides. Edison Price Lighting will be applying the same innovative strategies across various industries. 

How will the company intersect software and lighting in supermarkets or residences or medical facilities? "We'll share the future with you soon. Stay tuned!," smiled Emma. With Reza, Edison Price Lighting is hard at work, motivated to make the Internet of Things a seamless, reliable reality.