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Dimming Control Innovations

Dimming is critical for our health, welfare, task performance, regulations, and more. Yet selecting dimming controls is a daunting process at best, and a dangerous one at worst.

Simplify the process of selecting dimming controls by by asking the appropriate questions: Where to dim lighting? Why dim lighting? and How to dim lighting?  

Answers to these questions will vary based on the space's specific needs. Not all spaces require the same scales of control, light levels, or color temperatures.

Wired dimming requires asking these questions as early as possible. Otherwise, you risk hard-wiring a dimming control inappropriate to that application. 

Wireless dimming provides greater flexibility, as well as inexpensive installation and maintance costs. Wireless dimming unlocks potential for building automation and more.



'Dimming Control Innovations can be presented at your convenience in one of 3 ways: at your office by an Edison Price Lighting sales manager or our representatives; online; or at our Light in Action seminar. Contact us for details.