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Edison Price Lighting Gallery Opening

The Edison Price Lighting Gallery opens to the public with its first exhibition, “Made in LIC, NYC: a collection of light & art.” The show celebrates the vibrant arts and manufacturing communities of Long Island City (LIC), the New York City neighborhood which Edison Price Lighting calls home.


Over 150 lighting designers, artists, and neighbors attended the Gallery’s opening reception, during which they mingled over wine and hors d'oeuvres, and entered a museum membership raffle.


Two nights after the opening, the Gallery hosted its first community event: “Radiate,” performed by local jazz musicians and a light artist. Both events were part of the Long Island City Arts Open, Queens’ largest festival, as well NYCxDesign festival and the United Nation’s International Year of Light. 


“The neighborhood is alive with talent—inside every building is an artist, craftsperson, or factory running at full steam,” explains Emma Price, president of Edison Price Lighting, “and our “Made in LIC” show honors that industrious creativity.” Curated by Long Island City-based artist Orestes Gonzalez, the exhibition features artwork by ten artists working within a few block's radius of Edison Price Lighting.


The Gallery’s lighting was curated by Edison Price Lighting’s Executive-Vice President of R&D, lighting designer Richard Shaver.  All of the fixtures were designed in the R&D department adjacent to the Gallery, and fabricated in the factory downstairs. In addition to the fixtures, factory staff constructed the Gallery, laser cut signs, and created artwork exhibited in the show (pictured).


Edison Price Lighting’s gallery is dedicated to its founder, Edison Price. As affirmed on the dedication plaque hanging in the Gallery, the space "is an homage to a man who showed that product design and manufacture can, and should, be pursued as an art.”