What's New

Heavy gauge metals now listed

A growing number of Edison Price Lighting's specification sheets now list the fixture's gauge of metals.

  • We construct housings from 14-gauge, 16-gauge, or 20-gauge steel, which do not bend or warp.
  • We use metals that are electro-zinc coated or polyester coated, which resist corrosion.

As noted on the specification sheets, "Heavy-gauge metals and American manufacturing guarantee long-lasting durability." We fabricate nearly everything in-house; nothing ships without meeting our highest standards. Long-lasting fixtures are an intelligent long-term investment that pays off. 

Peek into the rare world of urban Made in USA manufacturing with Edison Price Lighting.  Since 1952,  Edison Price Lighting has operated a full-scale factory in New York City. This is no assembly operation, but a true metal-working transformation.

Raw metals –  like aluminum, steel, and copper  – are the foundation of our craft. Through computerized machines and handicraft techniques, we punch, bend, laser, weld, wire, paint and otherwise transform these materials into advanced luminaires.