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Stunning photos of our NYC factory

Peek inside a rare New York City factory with the saavy design and culture blog, Arthurious. They captured their recent tour with dazzling photos and videos of our Made in USA manufacturing

Below is a small sampling of those photographs and videos, all from Arthurious.

...see all photos and videos at Arthurious. 

Since 1952, we have designed and manufactured lighting solutions in the heart of New York City. We are truly Made in USA. For the sake of quality, consistency, and loyalty, we manufacture nearly all of our parts -- down to the nuts and bolts -- right here. How does it work? 

  1. We source raw materials regionally, such as copper, aluminum, or steel, processed in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Missouri.

  2. Depending on the part needed, we...

    • mill driver boxes, track swivels, and other parts from solid aluminum blocks.

    • punch press standard shapes with 22 tons of pressure 

    • laser cut detailed shapes with our CNC laser cutter.

    • hand-spin housings from aluminum discs. 

    • cut, form, bend, or otherwise refine the parts with our dies, designed in-house by our master tool and die-makers.

  3. Spraypaint by hand the finished track or surface-mounted housings, track systems, or the reflector trim if requested.

  4. Spot weld the reflectors to the trim, and insert any required lenses or cross-baffles.

  5. Hand wire the LED assembly and dimming driver into the luminaire.

  6. Safely package it and ship the finished luminaires around the world!

See art and manufacturing intersect at the Edison Price Lighting Gallery. Our exhibition, reVISION, features artists who were inspired by and incorporated our factory materials. Opening reception is on January 18th!