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Our Metal-Working Factory

Edison Price Lighting has proudly operated a factory in New York City since 1952.Here you will find no assembly line, but a true metal-working operation. It is a rare gem, of which we are proud. 

We work with high-quality metals.

  • Aluminum up to .19" thick; stainless steel up to .06" thick, and steel up to 20 gauge.
  • As a result, our products don't bend or warp, even after decades of use.

We combine computerized and handcrafted techniques.

  • Computerized Machinery, like our laser cutter (cutting up to 10' x 5' sheets), punch press (applying 22 tons of pressure), and our five milling machines (milling solid aluminum blocks into driver boxes). CNC machines create reliable components, overnight if necessary to stay on schedule, giving you both precision at speed.
  • Handcrafted techniques, like painting, spinning, wiring, and more. We know our products inside and out, giving you attention-to-detail.

We operate on a 'Made-to-Order" model, manufacturing only when an order is placed.

  • As we punch, bend, weld, glue, and paint each part, we know exactly where the final fixture will be installed, be it a museum, office, or residence around the world. This gives us an immense pride in our work.

We are fully adaptable thanks to our all-in-one operations.

  • Our engineers and sales team need need only to walk up and down a flight of stairs to coordinate modified products or complicated orders.
  • Our factory team can adjust their CNC machines or handcrafted techniques accordingly.
  • Our in-house shipping department ships from New York City, helping reduce delivery times especially on Quick Ship orders.


Visit the factory

Tour our factory anytime, and see:

  • our laser machine cutting 10' x 5' sheets of aluminum.
  • fabricators hand spinning track housings.
  • toolmakers designing and building progressive dies.
  • our punch press applying 22 tons of pressure to cut steel.
  • painters hand spray-painting parts.
  • and much more.

Contact us to arrange a tour.