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Featured in Wall Street Journal

The above sign welcomes visitors to our factory, and was designed by our Manufacturing Engineer Manager, and cut on our laser cutter.


Edison Price Lighting is a featured company in The Wall Street Journal's report: "Manufacturers Find Niche in New York City" (To read the article, see pdf or online version). Manufacturing is regrowing based on the city's entrepreneurial and "spirited" culture.

Over our sixty-four year history, we have proudly manufactured in New York City. Outsourcing may have cut costs, but it would have cut corners and jobs, too. Instead, we stayed committed to our community and our product's integrity.

"Made local" makes business sense, too. The article quotes Emma Price, our president: "If somebody needs a modified fixture, we can program the machine and do that in no time... That’s a big reason why customization for us is a big advantage over the imports.”

Local manufacturing quickens turnaround times. Clients can quickly communicate lighting challenges to the manufacturer. The manufacturer can quickly prototype, test, and fabricate modified fixtures for the client. Our location makes a two-way dialogue possible: there is no distance or time zone to overcome.  We're just an email, phone call, or subway ride away.

Watch an EPL employee hand spin a reflector from a single sheet of aluminum in our factory: 


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