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Surface mounted Five Hi CZS SM and pendant mounted Five Hi CZS PM illuminate powerfully and efficiently, from sleek, durable housings. 

  • 3900 lumens maximum from Citizen chip-on-board LED
  • 97 CRI (3000 lm max), 90 CRI (3400 lm max), and 80 CRI (3900 lm max). Efficacies up to 87 lm/w
  • 120V or 277V
  • 1% dimming with Lutron or 0-10V driver. 5% with incandescent or ELV (120V).

Interchangeable reflectors

  • Downlight reflector, with a 40° shielding angle.
  • Wallwasher reflector, with scallop-free distribution.
  • Change between downlight and wallwasher by swapping the reflector.
    • simplifies installation, as  the contractor can install housing first, without knowing function beforehand.
    • add additional reflectors now, for maximum flexibility later.

Installation options

  • Five Hi CZS SM surface mounted.
    • Wall bracket mounting available. Contact us for modification. 
  • Five Hi CZS PM, pendant mounted.
    • 18" or 36" pendants standard. Contact us for custom lengths. 
    • Up to 45° sloped ceiling mounting, with swivel kit.
  • Surface and pendant mountings are ideal for 
    • open ceiling designs, like concrete ceilings.
    • illuminating around obstacles, by extending the pendant length.
    • shallow plenums that make recessed luminaires impossible.

Sleek design

  • 5" aperture seamless cylinder.
  • Glare-free light from our signature parabolic  reflector.
  • Reflectors available in slightly and fully diffuse clear, champagne gold, and white. Custom finishes available.
  • White, black or industrial silver standard housings. Custom colors also available.
  • Extended stems available.

Made in USA

  • Durable-yet-light, housing built from 0.040" thick aluminum.
  • Hand-spun internal compartment. Watch a video of hand spinning in our proud New York City factory.
  • Cylinder lasts for decades thanks to quality materials and manufacturing. Watch a video of our entire factory at work.