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Surface-Mounted Five Hi XTM

Surface and pendant mounted luminaires are often required by challenging ceilings, and increasingly preferred by design trends. Here to serve those needs: our new surface mounted FIVE Hi XTM SM and pendant mounted FIVE Hi XTM PM. They uniquely pack high-output performance and flexible functions into an elegant cylinder.


  • up to 2700 lumens from Xicato XTM LED module,
  • color consistency within 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse, and color rendering up to 98 CRI,
  • downlight reflector achieves a 40° shielding angle,
  • wallwash reflector uniformly bathes the wall with light,
  • option of 6 dimming drivers, including eldoLED's 0.1% DALI-compatible driver.


  • Interchangeable downlight or wallwash reflectors. Whenever lighting needs change after installation, quickly swap reflectors, without tools. 



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