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Provide both high output and high shielding with our 4" aperture FOUR HI XTM and 5" aperture FIVE HI XTM.


high power

  • FOUR Hi XTM offers up to 3000 lumens source output at 80+ CRI and up to 2700 lumens 98 CRI.
  • FIVE Hi XTM offers up to 4000 lumens 80+ CRI and up to 3000 lumens 98 CRI.
  • Powered by your choice of Xicato XTM LEDs: 80+ CRI; color-enhancing Vibrant Series 80+ CRI; and unparalleled Artist 98+ CRI . All provide color consistency within a 1x2 McAdam ellipse.


high shielding

  • Downlights are designed with comfortable 40° shielding angles
  • Reflector trims are contoured for low brightness apertures.
  • Choice of reflector finishes: clear, natural aluminum blends into any architectural palette, while champagne gold is a favorite for warm-colored interiors. Black and white finishes are available as well.



A focused beam without light spill is a rareity. And the fact that the clean beam comes a low-brightness 'dark' aperature? One of a kind.


highly compatible

Smooth dimming from seven driver options, including those compatible with DALI, DMX, and Lutron EcoSystem protocols.


highly flexible

  • Interchangeable 20°, 40° or 60° reflectors allow for on-site beamspread adjustments to either Hi XTM downlights or accent lights.

  • Interchangeable 10° or 24° reflectors for on-site adjustments to the Hi narrow spotlight.

  • 363° horizontal lockable rotation is designed into the FOUR Hi XTM WL and FIVE Hi XTM WL wallwashers to permit correction if mis-installed.

  • Holders for one or two lenses or color filters, are standard with Hi accent lights, and optional with Hi downlights and wallwashers.


highly durable

All Edison Price Lighting luminaires are fabricated at our in-house 'Made in USA' factory. Using all-American materials, craftsmen and craftswomen create durable, long-lasting products, thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs.