What's New

ETC Framing Projector, EPL Track

Edison Price Lighting and ETC bring you the new ETC/EPL Source Four Mini LED, for Edison Price Lighting120v track systems. The collaboration offers you a framing projector compatible with the most durable, elegant track system in the industry.

Photo of Shipetauken Woods: Evening Light, by Leni Morante, illuminated by the ETC/EPL Source Four Mini LED in the Edison Price Lighting Gallery.


High Contrast Control

ETC/EPL Source Four Mini LED sculpts crisp, bright, even fields of light. A choice of four field angles are available: 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°, and lens tubes can be changed on-site. The three-plane shutter blade assembly adjusts the beam edges from hard to soft.


Quality Optics

ETC/EPL Source Four Mini LED delivers projector-quality light from a Cree LED module, available in 3000K in 80+ CRI or 90+ CRI. 


Installations Everywhere

ETC/EPL Source Four Mini LED can light quadtrilateral artwork, logos, or signs without any light spill. With four shutters, you can project squares, rectangles, and rectangles in perspective (i.e. trapezoids). Its petite size (just 9 5/8" long, with a 2 1/2" diameter lens) is especially attractive for standard ceiling heights. Luminaire is available in black or white.


Track Mounting

Mount ETC/EPL Source Four Mini LED into any of Edison Price Lighting's 120-volt, 20-amp track systems. Our SightLine tracks are seamless (hairline joints only; concealed track adapters) and durable (aluminum extrusion), and available as:

Learn more about our track features and benefits.


Additional mounting

Canopy mounting or C-clamp mounting is also available through Edison Price Lighting. Elongated stems is also available as a modification. Contact us for details.


Additional Spot Lighting

Start with the framing projector, continue with the track, then add on our many other track-mounted fixtures, too.

Edison Price Lighting offers 29 recessed, track, and surface mounted narrow spot accent lights! The NSP line offers tight beamspreads down to 9º and up to 60,000 CBCP. Precise, powerful NSPs discretely spotlight circular artwork, sculptures, signs, and more.