What's New

High ceiling spotlighting

Inconspicuous spotlighting is possible with the new FOUR and FIVE Hi AA NSPs. Designed for installation in high ceilings, their focused beam and glare-free apertures direct all eyes to the object — and none to the luminaire itself.


Focused beam 
keeps all eyes on the object

The Hi Narrow Spotlight (NSP) is available with a 10° beamspread reflector, which achieves up to:

The beam can be horizontally adjusted up to 362° horizontal rotation, and vertically adjusted between 0°-35°. A 24° beamspread reflector is also available, and reflectors can be easily changed on-site.

High ceiling installation 
keeps all eyes on the object

High ceiling heights help recessed luminaires fade away. The Hi NSPs can be installed into ceilings up to


Glare-free apertures 
keep all eyes on the object

Like the entire Hi recessed family, the Hi NSPs feature visually comfortable apertures, thanks to their parabolic design, and anodized aluminum finish. 


For refined offices, residences, churches, and showrooms – where a quiet ceiling is crucial -- you can now forgo distracting theatrical spotlights. Instead, highlight objects inconspicuously with the focused, powerful, glare-free Hi NSPs