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Ideal for Houses of Worship

Houses of worship, including churches and synagogues, have unique lighting needs: high ceilings, respectful design, convenience, and durability. See the brochure below to learn more.

Artima/5 is a proven solution, and is already installed in houses of worship both large and small. Learn how Artima/5 exceeds their requirements, with examples throughout country.

High Ceilings

  • Select Artima/5 in up to 7200 lm from the source, and up to 4581 lm luminaire output, as did the First Methodist Church in Heuytown, AL. At this output, a church interior up to 40' tall won't be left in the dark.
  • Spotlight the pulpit or other focal points with the Artima/5 VNSP 5° very narrow spot. The spotlight achieves up to 149,800 CBCP without light spill. 
  • Choose from one of many mounting options.
    • track mounting, including vertically mounted track. SightLine S track can be mounted vertically with mounting clips every 24", as in the Cathedral Immaculate Conception, Lake Charles, LA. This allows illumination from columns running down the aisle.
    • outlet box mounting (OBM models), as in Prince of Peace Church in Farmington Hills, MI. This mounting option eluminates the appearance and cost of a track system.
    • C-clamp mounting, as in St. Anthony Church in Miami, FL. Clamping fixtures to scaffolding won't damage the architecture. Contact us for this modification.
    • extended pendant stem lengths up to. Contact us for this modification.


  • Minimize glare with Artima/5's cross baffle or ring baffle. Low aperture brightness creates a calming, harmonious ceiling.
  • Avoid the look of theatrical lighting. Artima/5 is handspun from a single piece of aluminum, resulting in a seamless, uniform appearance. Parishoners will focus on the service, not the fixtures.


  • Select a custom color to match the stone, wood, or other architectural details. Provide us the RAL or manufacturer's paint color, or a physical paint chip to match.
  • Fine tune with optical accessories, like the 20°x55° and 70° spread lenses used in St. Thomas Church in New York, NY (pictured above). Additional spread lenses, beam smoothers, and color filters also available 


  • Dim to 1% or 5% with incandescent or ELV dimmer, available on standard Artima/5. Consult spec sheet for full dimming options.
  • Wirelessly monitor and control Artima/5 Bluetooths
    • Dimming to 0.1%. Use the app to connect luminaires with sensors, to individually dim luminaires.
    • Group luminaires into saveable 'scenes,' and pre-schedule them for different services.
    • Connects to wireless sensors, switches, touch screens, and more.
    • Monitor and report operational data, including intensity setting, temperature, input power, input voltage, and total operating hours.
    • Broadcast push notifications through your app. Embedded beacons allow you to create an interactive experience for visitors.
  • Individually dim IDM Artima/5. An integral potentiometer, as was installed in the Arlington Street Church (Boston, MA) allows you to emphasize specific architectural details, without investing in an expensive dimming system.


  • Artima/5 is manufactured from raw heavy-gauge steel and aluminum in our proud MADE IN USA factory.  Quality materials and crafstmanship won't bend or warp, making Artima/5 a trustworthy long-term investment. 



Combine Artima/5with...

  • Artima/3 accent lights, narrow spot lights, wallwashers in ceilings up to 20' high, as in St. George's Catholic Church in Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Artima/2 accent lights, narrow spot lights, wallwashers
  • FOUR or FIVE HI CZS, recessed 4" and 5" aperture downlights, accent lights, and wallwashers, up to 5100 lm from the source.