What's New

Dim with IDM and Bluetooth, together

Control fixtures beyond simply flicking a switch. Instead dim by tapping a screen or twisting a knob. The IDM-Bluetooth combination offers easy control over one fixture or many.


First, meet the compatible wireless Bluetooth track and outlet box mounted fixtures: MiniMax BluetoothMidiMax BluetoothArtima/3 Bluetooth. and Artima/5 Bluetooth

  • To wirelessly dim fixtures to 0.1% individually or as a group, use your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Plus, wirelessly connect to sensors, luxcast content, monitor performance, and other more.

Second, meet their new additional dimming option: Integral Dimming Module (IDM). IDM is a rotary potentiometer, hidden in the fixture's housing.

  • To manually dim fixtures to approximately 1%, simply turn the IDM's knob.

Third, combine Bluetooth and IDM together. '-IDM' is now listed on most Bluetooth spec pages.
Bluetooth fixtures with the IDM option can be dimmed either the:

  • rotary potentiometer, down to approximately 1%.
  • app or software, down to 0.1%.

Either dimming method will override the previous setting. Watch the video (above) to see IDM-Bluetooth in action.

IDM-Bluetooth was first offered to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX. Soon museums, galleries, and  houses of worship across the country requested this combination. With IDM-Bluetooth, these spaces can now...

  • focus each fixture individually, especially if they are already atop the ladder while changing lenses.
  • focus fixtures as a cohesive group, without standing on a ladder.
  • dim fixtures all the way down to 0.1%.
  • depend on a back-up dimming system, with fail-safe redundancy.