What's New

IDM offers individual control

We've added a little spin to our luminaires: an integral dimming module (IDM) version that features a rotary dimmer.  Available as surface-mounted and track-mounted fixtures, the IDM line offers:

  • individual fixture control, ideal for galleries, stores, and other multi-functional spaces where the lighting plan changes often.
  • dimming on 277-volt track and 120-volt track.
  • may be added to Bluetooth luminaires. Light levels may simultaneously be dimmed by either the app or the integral dimmer. The last setting overrides the previous setting. Bluetooth may be listed standard on the specification sheet, or is available as a modification. Contact us for details. Contact us for availability. 

To dim an IDM fixture:

  1. Press the concealed control to release it,

  2. Turn the knob to match the preferred settings,

  3. Press the control down to conceal it again. 


For more dimming options on 277-volt track, click here.