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Selected for the IES Progress Report

Edison Price Lighting is honored to be listed on the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report. Each year, the IES selects newly debuted fixtures, which have achieved significant advancements. The resulting list recognizes "developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world."

The following Edison Price Lighting fixtures have recently been listed on the IES Progress Report.


Artima/5 vnsp

  • Listed on the 2018 IES Progress Report.
  • Artima/5 VNSP was selected for its 5° very narrow spotlight, achieving up to 149,000 CBCP.



  • Listed on the 2015 IES Progress Report.
  • Artima/5 was selected for its high lumen output, reaching up to 7200 lumens. 


MiniMax Bluetooth

  • Listed on the 2017 IES Progress Report
  • MiniMax Bluetooth was selected for its intelligent LED module, capable of wireless controls and monitoring, with an embedded beacon.



  • Listed on the 2015 IES Progress Report.
  • APlus was selected for being the industry's first LED combination downlight/wallwasher. APlus' interchangeable reflectors provide downlight, wallwashing, corner wallwashing, and corridor wallwashing.