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LED Datasheets

To meet energy codes, WELL certification, and color preferences, you're in search of advanced data about the LED, including...

  • Spectral power distribution
  • Color metrics, including TM-30
  • Chromaticity charts and diagrams
  • Polar intensity diagram
  • Binning information

Edison Price Lighting always sources LEDs from quality, reliable manufacturers, like Xicato, Philips, Citizen, Cree, and Lumenetix. These manufacturers provide much of the above data.

Contact us to request LED technical data

  • Scroll to the bottom of the product page.
  • Click on the 'Additional Data' link (see example below) - and send the provided email.
  • We will send you links to the LED's data, straight from its source.

You may also search luminaires by LED manufacturer. On the Products section, find the left-hand 'Search by Feature' menu, and click 'LED Manufacturer'.

You'll find a range of results, varying in function and installation type. By designing with LEDs from one manufacturer, you can better guarantee consistency.

And by further researching the LED technical datasheet, you can definitely know the fixtures from the inside out.