What's New

Up to 8000lm LED FTF

LED FTFs are Edison Price Lighting's most popular recessed line. They deliver our signature precise optics at the highest lumen outputs. All at a competitive price.

Comprehensive options

Highest outputs

  • up to 8000 lumens from the source, at 80 CRI. Efficacies reach up to 105 lumens per watt.
  • up to 3000 lumens from the source at 90 CRI. Efficacies reach up to 86 lumens per watt.
  • These high lumen packages can effectively illuminate multi-story spaces, including lobbies, atria, theaters, convention centers, and shopping centers. 

Made in USA

  • Our American factory starts with raw metals, including aluminum and steel up to 14 gauge.
  • We use a robust aluminum heat sink to safely dissipate the heat generated by LED FTF's highest lumen packages, see above.
  • Our in-house American manufacturing ensures the highest quality control. Our engineers and factory personnel work alongside each other to streamline the entire design and construction process.

Advanced dimming technologies

  • ​wireless 0.1% dimming with Zigbee systems, including Osram's ENCELIUM or Daintree Networks’ ControlScope (ideal​ for large commercial installations), or Wink Zigbee Smart Home Hub (ideal for the average homeowner). Learn more.
  • 0.1% dimming with DALI, DMX, or an eldoLED 0-10V driver.
  • 1% dimming 1% by a 0-10V or Lutron 2-wire dimmer, or Lutron EcoSystem Bus Control. 

Tailor the LED FTFs with additional options

  • Trim Flush ring for seamless installation in sheetrock ceilings.
  • 2" ceiling standard modification
  • specialty finishes for humid or marine environments
  • reflector color finishes