What's New

SQUARE, up to 98 CRI

SQUAREs powerfully illuminate at 98 CRI, from glare-free square apertures.


Even distribution and low surface brightness

  • SQUAREs are equipped with inverse parabolic reflectors. They eliminate distracting inter-reflections and solve the ‘corner problem’ that can plague the performance of square lighting fixtures.
  • Achieve even downlighting free of hot spots and remarkably little surface brightness, with a 45° shielding angle. 

Controlled Focus 

  • Accent with a 24°, 36° or 54° beamspread, or a tight 14° narrow spot.
  • Beamspreads can be changed in the field, just by swapping out the reflector.  

Enough power for lobby heights

  • Up to 2500 lumens, from the 4" SQUARE LED module, and the downlight achieves up to 72 lumens per watt. 
  • Up to 3500 lumens, from the 5" SQUARE LED module, and the downlight achieves up to 71 lumens per watt. 
  • Powered by Xicato LED modules, which offer tight color consistency (within 1x2 step MacAdam ellipse), and up to 98 CRI. 

Reliable wallwashing

  • SQUARE wallwashers provide a uniform ceiling-to-floor wash of light. They evenly wash walls with so little surface brightness that you won't be able to discern them from nearby downlights. 

Compatible with the latest dimming control systems 

  • SQUAREs are available with one of  7 dimming drivers, including including dimming to 0.1% with eldoLED or DALI or DMX control systems.

Made in USA

  • Like all Edison Price Lighting products, SQUARE is proudly fabricated in our New York City factory