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LightCharm Decorative Trims

If you prefer a quiet ceiling, then our standard reflectors expertly vanish from sight.

But if you prefer a dash of pizzazz, swap standard reflectors for our LightCharm decorative trims. They instantly transform ceilings into captivating works of art.  

LightCharms begin with a seamlessly spun anodized aluminum plate, polished to specular perfection. A glass plate or tube may then be added for extra visual interest. See all three models below:

LightCharm Silver Point

Seamless specular plate to coordinate with scones and signage.

LightCharm Opal
Frosted glass plate for a warm color and greater efficacy.

LightCharm Crystal
Crystal glass tube over aperture for maximum sparkle. 

The following installation situations especially benefit from LightCharms:

  1. low ceilings – LightCharm Opal achieves the same warm glow as a much larger chandelier.

  2. stunning ceilings – LightCharm Silver Point attracts attention without competing with the architecture.

  3. lobbies – LightCharm Crystal makes a dazzling first impression.

  4. event spaces – LightCharms set the mood for party time.

  5. small budgets – LightCharms offer a big impact for a small investment. 

  6. fast deadlines – LightCharms are installed with one hand in just seconds.

LightCharms are available on compatible 4" aperture luminaires. See the specification sheet or contact us for compatibility.

LightCharm Silver Point (left), LightCharm Crystal (center), LightCharm Opal (right)