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Magic Wand CLT

Magic Wand CLT's 2.75" aperture and seamless construction may look demure. But within its miniature housing are impressive efficacies, beams, and controls.

Illuminate efficiently 

  • up to 1500 lm in 80 CRI, and 1200 lm in 98 CRI from its Cree chip-on-board LED.
  • Draw as little as 9 watts
  • Efficacies up to 95 lm/w

Tailor beams on-site

  • First, choose a 10º, 20º, or 36º internal reflector.
  • Second, select the Quick Change Cartridge: a ring baffle to tighten the beam, or an open aperture to keep the beam feathered.
  • Third, add the follow optical accessories for further refinements: diffuser, prismatic lens,  55° spread lens, 40° x 70° spread, beam smoother, color filters, and/or light reduction screens.
  • Change the function in-the-field by swapping reflectors, cartridges, and lenses. Watch below to see how easy it is: 

Control wirelessly

  • 0.1% wireless dimming. Control luminaires individually, or group them together with limitless Bluetooth luminaires.
  • Connect with wireless sensors, switches, and touchscreen wall panels.
  • Preset or pre-schedule saveable scenes, based on time of day or sensor signals.
  • Monitor operational data, including  temperature, hours on, wattage, and more. Download reports for code compliance and energy rebates. 
  • Luxcast™ via an embedded beacon. Luxcasting is the transmission of information through lighting. Use Magic Wand CLT Bluetooths as a means to communicate directly with your visitors. Learn more about the capabilities and applications.
  • Contact us for a live online demonstration.
  • 10% incandescent or ELV dimming on 120v track available on standard Magic Wand models.

...at affordable prices! 

For possible modifications, including custom colors and extended stem lengths, contact us.