What's New

Magic Wand MRE

Magic is achieved from a tiny 2.5" aperture. Available as a track or outlet-box mounted object light or wallwasher, Magic Wand MREs are designed for use with the following retrofit LED lamps:

  • Philips 6.6 watt 6.6MR16/LED or 7.0 watt 7MR16/LED lamp

  • Soraa 7.5 watt, or 9.0 watt Brilliant (85 CRI) or Vivid (95 CRI) LED lamp, offering down to a 10° beam.


for Low Ceilings

The Magic Wand MRE O accent light is only 4 3/4" tall, yet its pair of pre-tensioned swivels allows it to hit any spot. The matching Magic Wand MRE W wallwasher provides floor-to-ceiling wallwashing, a tried and true lighting tactic to make cramped rooms seem spacious. They are magic solutions for residences, hospitality spaces, and galleries with low ceilings. 

Glare Control

To minimize glare, the Magic Wand MRE O's lamp is deeply recessed in the lamp ring, and the aperture splay is given a specular black finish. Socket caps catch backsplash light to preserve a clean, quiet ceiling.


Beam Control

The accent lights accept one of four lenses to fine tune beam distribution, including the 10° narrow spot delivered by Soraa's LED lamp. Our light reduction screens are superior for art requiring low light levels; they install in seconds, and disappear from view.


fast delivery

Our Made in USA factory in New York City fabricates Magic Wand MREs from raw materials in just days.



Offer the same benefits of LEDs and Edison Price Lighting optics — plus dim-to-warm dimming. Magic Wand PWG accent lights and wallwashers are compatible with Philips ‘WarmGlow’ retrofit LED lamp, and dims from 2700K to 2200K. By recreating the warm glow of an incandescent, the Magic Wand PWG is ideal for residences, hotels, and restaurants.