What's New

'Making It Here' Factory Tour

New York City's 'Making It Here' program just published a photo tour of Edison Price Lighting's in-house factory. After touring the operations, the New York City Economic Development Corporation summarized our company best:

 "Here, employees are valued for their adaptability and flexibility, rather than serving as cogs in a machine."

"Made in NY" 

From our reflectors spun in Alabama to our steel made in Pennsylvania, Edison Price Lighting is an all-American company that sources local, sustainable materials.

Using these materials, our highly-skilled manufacturing team does everything from making our own tools to programming advanced machinery -- all  in New York City! 


Our factory combines the latest programmable computerized machinery with specialized techniques to create standard products and customizations with precision and speed.


Come Visit

Ever wondered how fixtures are designed and constructed? Take a tour of our factory and R&D Department to see:

  • A 3D printer making prototypes
  • A laser machine cutting 10' x 5' sheets of aluminum
  • EPL veterans of 30+ years building progressive dies
  • A punch press applying 22 tons of pressure to cut steel
  • Our latest products under development
  • ...and much more! 


Contact us to arrange a tour.