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Power and Pin Spots

High ceilings remain quiet with our Maximas. Powered by Citizen chip-on-board LEDs, Maximas deliver up to 4000 lms or a new 5º spot.

  • Maxima CZS O track or outlet box mounted accent light, with cross-baffle for enhanced comfortable shielding.
  • Maxima CZS O LH track or outlet box mounted accent light,  with open apertures for efficacies up to 106 lm/w.​

  • Maxima CLT VNSP track or outlet box mounted 5º spot, for beams with up to 89,622 CBCP. 

  • Maxima CZS NSP track or outlet box mounted 9º spot, for beams with up to 61,042 CBCP.​

  • Maxima CZS W track or outlet box mounted wallwasher, for wallwashing 15' walls with 25 average vertical footcandles from the ceiling to the floor.

Mix-and-match the accent, narrow spot, and wallwasher models while maintaining a uniform appearance throughout the design.  From the outside you'll only see the Maxima's dignified seamless cylinder. ​But tucked within is a unique combination:

  • Power. Up to​ 4000 lm at 80 CRI; 3000 lm at 97 CRI.

  • Pin Spot. The 5º very narrow spot model achieves up to 89,622 CBCP. 

  • Affordable. Maximas are our most affordable integral LED track fixture.

  • Made in USA. Maximas are fabricated from raw metals in our American factory.

  • Individually dim. Rotate the dial to dim ​IDM Maximas on 120v or 277v track.

  • Easy to focus. Insert or remove Maximas without manipulating a lever. Position them one-handed, without any tools. 

Maximas keep high ceilings out of sight. Their seamless cylinders, combined with powerful spotlighting, accent lighting, or wallwashing, directs attention down far, far below.