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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your support in 2018. Wishing you a splendid year ahead!

From everyone at Edison Price Lighting, a proud Made in USA factory, who includes Adnan, Alan, Alexander, Anatoliy , Antonio, Barry, Bernadette, Bernat, Bozena , Carrell, Cesar, Christopher P., Chris L., Damon, Daniel, Darren, Derrick , Diego , Dimitri, Dimitrus, Domenic , Eddie, Emma , Ernst, Eugene , Evan , Fitzroy, Fred , George, Holly, Jamal, James, Janet , Jason, Jean Antoine, Jean Abelard, Jeanfitz, Jeronimo, Joan , Joe, Joel , Johann, John, Jonathan, Jose, Jose , Jozef , Karen , Kwesi , Li, Ligia , Linda , Margoth , Maria, Maria , Martin, Maryanna , Michael G., Michael R., Mike W., Mikhail, Nardeo, Nelson, Nora, Pablo, Patrick,, Rajesh, Randy, Raul, Rayvon , Richard , Rick, Roseline, Seymour, Shakir, Simon, Steven,  Terry, Theresa , Thrgonski , Veddler, Verna, Wendy, Wil, and Wisler.

Our annual 'family photo' for our Christmas card was photographed in our on-site gallery, which is atop our metal-working factory. Contact us to visit anytime.

See you in 2019!