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Narrow Spot MidiMax

Available for track and outlet box mounting, MidiMax LED NSP balances maximum focus with minimum visual distraction. 


Maximum Focus

Powered by Xicato XTM LEDs, the MidiMax LED NSP is a 10º spotlight that attains:

  • 15,000+ CBCP at 98+ CRI and 1600 lumens 
  • 19,000+ CBCP at 80 CRI and 2000 lumens

While other narrow spots can resemble harsh theatrical lighting, MidiMax LED NSP subtly shapes its spot through:

  • our concentric ring baffle, which focuses the beam and eliminates spill light,
  • our beam smoother, which softens the spot's edges.
  • screens, lenses, or color filters can compliment or replace the beam smoother.  


Minimum Visual Distraction

With the MidiMax LED NSP, nothing distracts attention from what is being spotlighted below. The seamless cylinder, only 5" in diameter, contains the driver, heat sink, and wire leads. The effect is seamless elegance. 


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