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New! Miniature Mini Wand 16E

Undeniably 'cute', Mini Wand 16Es are ideally sized, powered, and designed for standard ceiling heights. 


  • 3.75" tall with a 2.5" diameter: perfectly scaled for 8' to 10' high ceilings. 
  • Slender stems create an airy look.
  • No driver box allows Mini Wand 16E to be installed directly into...
    • SightLine 120v track system,
    • Unicep 120v monopoint track system, or
    • the ceiling. MiniMax 16E OBM's wires tuck above the ceiling, for a flush installation.


  • Lamp Mini Wand 16E with Soraa's retrofit MR16 GU10 LED lamp (supplied by others).
  • 95 CRI or 85 CRI, 2700K - 4000K
  • up to 590 lumens from the lamp — ideal for 8' to 10' high ceilings
  • 10º, 25º, 36º, or 60º beam
  • up to 7,320 CBCP
  • Servicing and upgrading retrofit LED lamps is easy. Simply twist and replace. 
  • Optical accessories, including Soraa Snap System lenses, may be used with a 7.5 watt lamp.
  • Orient fixture 350° horizontally and 0° - 90° vertically. Lock position by tightening the stems.


  • Mini Wand 16Es are priced affordably, and Soraa's MR16 GU10 is a small investment.

Proudly Made in USA

  • Everything, down to the smallest spring, is manufactured in our New York City factory.
  • Watch Jonathan spin a Mini Wand 16E housing from an aluminum plate.
  • American manufacturing reduces delivery times.
  • Durable using locally-sourced aluminum and steel, for long-lasting construction that won't bend or warp.
  • Reliable quality control, since we do it all in-house.