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The Most Graceful MiniMax

Sleek, clean, graceful.  Nothing less will do for galleries, residences, boutiques, and other polished spaces with 10' ceilings. No clunky driver box, exposed heat sink, or large housing should distract from the interior's beauty.

Match that sleek, clean, and graceful beauty with MiniMax 16E, our 3.25" diameter track and surface-mounted luminaires:

  • MiniMax 16E O accent light, with cross baffle for maximum glare control.
  • MiniMax 16E LH accent light, with open aperture for maximum efficiency.
  • MiniMax 16E W wallwasher, designed for uniform wallwashing.


Ditch the driver box.
See nothing but MiniMax 16E's seamless 5.75" tall cylinder, installed directly into.... 

  • our SightLine track system, available with recessed, flangeless recessed, surface, pendant, or aircraft cable-mounted mounting.
  • our Unicep 120v monopoint track system.
  • directly into the ceiling. MiniMax 16E OBMs hardware is completely tucked above the plenum, giving it the cleanest look of all.

Smooth inside and out. 
For illumination as smooth as its housing, lamp MiniMax 16E with Soraa's retrofit MR16 GU10 LED lamp. Select the Brilliant or Vivid series, 95 CRI or 85 CRI, 2700K to 4000K, with beams as narrow as 10º. Draw just 9 watts to illuminate with 590 lumens. 

Faster fine tuning.
Aim MiniMax 16E almost anywhere using its permanently tensioned swivel, capable of 385º rotation and 0º-90º adjustments. Easily change accessories on fixtures powered by a 7.5 watt lamp only, using your choice of:

Without a driver box, heat sink, or large housing to distract attention, the sleek, clean, graceful MiniMax 16E preserves that perfect ceiling.