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Our Popular MiniMax

MiniMax track or outlet box-mounted accent lights, narrow spot lights, and wallwashers are our most popular luminaires. The reason lies in their combination of helpful features.


  • Our clean, gracefully proportioned cylinders, a favorite with designers for over forty years, never distract attention from the art or architecture. 
  • Only 3 3/8” diameter; just big enough to easily change optical accessories, yet still small enough to scale for the lowest ceilings. 


  • Delivering up to 2700 lumens from the source; such a little fixture packs quite a punch. 



  • 90° vertical and 385° horizontal; that 25° of extra travel saves a lot of work and time when focusing a show. Our permanently-tensioned swivel permits you to aim, one-handed, and then keeps the fixture where you set it. 
  • MiniMax is permanently tensioned – and fully lockable without tools. To fully secure both rotation and tilt, push down the lever lock atop the fixture. The lever lock guarantees no movement.


  • ACCENT LIGHT offers 21º, 43º, or 60º beamspreads, interchangeable in-the-field.

    • FOR SHIELDING: MiniMax O is available with a cross baffle (OX option), significantly cutting glare, for the most comfortable apertures.

    • FOR EFFICACY: MiniMax O is available with a glare-minimizing black-painted open aperture (OH option), for the greatest efficacy.

  • NARROW SPOT offers down to 10º beamspreads, enabling you to tightly focus on artwork, sculptures, or other objects of interest.

    • ​FOR TIGHT BEAMS: MiniMax NSP is available with a ring baffle (OG option), significantly cutting glare and eliminating light spill.

    • FOR EFFICACY: MiniMax NSP is available with a glare-minimizing black-painted open aperture (OH option), for the greatest efficacy and a feathered beam.

  • WALLWASHER: The precise aluminum reflector, kicker reflector, and a 40° x 70° spread lens help the MiniMax W uniformly illuminate walls from the ceiling to floor.