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mondo*arc reviews our Gallery

"Focusing on light as the inspiring grand finale, REFRACTION fills Edison Price Lighting Gallery with exciting and thought-provoking works..."

...so begins a rave review of the Edison Price Lighting Gallery's latest exhibit, REFRACTION, written by the international lighting design magazine, mondo*arc. Read the rest by clicking below:

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REFRACTION re-casts light from the backdrop to the lead actor. Light takes center stage throughout the exhibit. It shifts, pulses, flashes, glows, and reflects through dichroic film, canvas, neon tubes, photographs, glass, and other mediums. The exhibition reveals light as both a ubiquitous and diverse force.

REFRACTON features artists who work in, or are inspired by, light: Adrienne Moumin, Alex Rossini, Carlos Inclan, Christine Sciulli, David Chan, Francis Milloy, Garrett Carroll, Gene Lambert, Greg Day, Jason A. Cina, Jason Krugman, John Folchi John Procario, Kenny Greenberg, Leni Morante, Nargiza Usmanova, Peter Bynum, and Stephen Bickford.

The Edison Price Lighting Gallery is "the ideal stage" for light-inspired art, explains mondo*arc because it is located above our rare New York City factory. Here we honor architectural lighting design as an art form, by designing and crafting beauty from raw materials.

The Gallery is also ideal because it is carefully illuminated by our in-house  lighting designers. Our own track and recessed lighting fixtures uniquely light each piece, as they have in over 450 museums and galleries.


The Gallery is open during normal business hours. The Gallery is also available for lighting design mock ups. Please contact us for arrangements.